Playing with Adam on Sunday

Hey guys,

Sorry for not writing all that much this week – been real busy hey. But as I promised I’m going to let you know what I got upto with Adam on the weekend.

Well I haven’t seen Adam for over 2 weeks now – click hear to read about when I first met Adam – and we’ve been playing with Adam for 2 months now and been having tonnes of fun.

So Adam has been away for 2 weeks and we understandably when I rocked up at his place on Sunday night we were both down to our speedos within seconds. After our first time together Adam was quite clear how much I loved speedos and since then we haven’t done since without wearing speedos. As usual Adam was wearing his navy Tyr speedos and was super hard even before I got down to them. I was wearing my Aussiebum Portsea’s (click here to see pics of them) and I was equally as hard. Adam let me fuck his super tight arse and even after he came while I fucked him I suck him off again. He did come back and give me a blowjob which I finished off by masturbating on his chest – very hot indeed. And we kept our speedos on the whole time (pulling our cocks either out of the top or out the side).

I’m thinking of buying some new AussieBum underwear and I’m thinking of buying an extra pair of AussieBum speedos for Adam but I’m not quite sure what ones – would love to hear comments on your suggestions – the AussieBum website is at or anything else anyone can suggest. If I pick them up then I’m sure that I’ll be able to post some pics of Adam wearing them on here – hehehe.

Also guys – sorry for no webcam nights lately – with people sleeping on my floor can’t really do it. But if you are new here be sure to add this site to your favourites – my friends leave on Thursday and I reckon I’ll be pretty horny by then. I can’t get a permanent web address so I can normally only post the address and time that same day so keep checking back.

OK guys – I’ve gotta grab some dinner I’m starving. Hope all you lucky buggers in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the warm weather – speedo weather!!!

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  1. Sam says:

    hot site….i miss Australia..

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