Poolside Speedo Pics

Well after that story yesterday I thought I should post up some poolside speedo pics for everyone.

Also looks like you guys are enjoying the free movie download links (down the right hand side a bit lower).

Red speedos poolside
SwimmerBoyz.com Model in red speedos.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

3 comments on “Poolside Speedo Pics
  1. tim says:

    this is by far the hottest site on the web- very high quality- nice job!!

  2. greg says:

    loving the site dave. keep up the good work. can’t wait til u get back on webcam and strip down to your speedos…lol. just hope i’m online when it happens

  3. Juse says:

    its so amazing… so hot and im getting horny upon looking the speedo male pics. i hope more hottiest and nyde pics. i salute to all of you. wish you all the best always. more power.

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