Quickie from Auckland

My flight from Christchurch to Auckland was delayed by an hour and I was at the airport early so I’ve had some time to tell you guys about what I got up to last night.

The party was great and the drinks were flowing.  Tom was there (as I mentioned last night) and I found out that he is engaged but his fiancee wasn’t there.  I think Matt had an idea of what I was trying to do (remember 12 months ago I helped Matt explore his bisexuality).

It was around 1am and the only people left were pretty much drunk – I got up to go to the bathroom at one point and I winked at Tom hoping he’d take the bait and follow me into the house.  At first I didn’t think he was keen so I went to the bathroom to take a leak.

As I opened the door there was Tom standing in the doorway…..

I was thinking – I’m going to get some DICK!!!!!

Hehehe – sorry for the big text but I’m still excited about that and as I sit here in Christchurch Airport I am trying to cover up my erection which has just awoken.

So instead of letting me past him Tom moved into the bathroom.

“I’m new to this Dave so you might have to give me some directions.”

I didn’t say a word I just moved towards Tom to kiss him.  But then he flinched.  Bad move on my part – should have taken it a bit slower.  I mumbled some kind of apology and right now I am feeling pretty embarrassed and I started backing away.

“Sorry Dave,  I’m a bit nervous.  Perhaps you can work your lips on my cock?”

With that Tom was rubbing his cock through his jeans and his cock was obviously engorged.

You can’t believe the relief that ran through me when he said that.  I turned Tom around so his back was against the basin I got straight down on my knees and began undoing Tom’s belt.  Then I got to Tom’s button and I slowly undid his zipper.  To my absolutely delight Tom was wearing a pair of black speedos (the ones he normally wears to the pool).

“I’m not sure if you know but nearly every day after swimming with you I would wear these and masturbate in the showers thinking about this very moment – I hope you don’t mind me wearing them?”

I didn’t mind at all and started licking Tom’s cock through the lycra of his speedos.  Unfortunately I didn’t think we had much time so I slid Tom’s jeans down and pulled his cock out the side of his speedos and started working my mouth on his cock.  I think this was Tom’s first gay blowjob and I was enjoying it!!!

Tom’s cock was thick but not too long that I had difficulty working most of it into my mouth – his pubes were trimmed but not shaved which was good.

Then I could feel Tom’s legs and balls tighten and with a quick word of warning Tom unloaded into my mouth.

“You can pull off if you want.” Tom said in the throws of his orgasm – but there was no pulling off for me – I wanted every last drop of his cum.

Now I was super horny and my cock was trying to escape from my new white speedos (click here to see what they look like) which were about to see their first action!!!  Tom didn’t look too comfortable now that he was post-orgasm (I’ve had a lot of str8 guys close up after they have cum) so I knew I had to play it kewl with Tom or he’d be out the door in the flash.

I faced the hand basin and undid my jeans – I pulled my cock out the side of my new white speedos and started masturbating over the basin.  I asked Tom if he would hold my hips which he was more than happy to do.  It didn’t take me long before I came and by the one of Tom’s hands was rubbing my arse crack through the sheer white lycra of my speedos.  With that I came in the basin.

And that was it guys – pretty hot quickie witha str8 guy.  And my new speedos got their first test run – Tom did comment on how amazing they felt,  I think I might have to send him a pair.

Well I’m off guys – 11hr flight from here to LA where I’ll meet up with Will.  A couple of gay blowjob pics for you guys.

Gay blowjob photo

Male blow job

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4 comments on “Quickie from Auckland
  1. Big Jay says:

    Dave very nice. It got me going and finished. Too bad that is all you were
    able to do with him before leaving! Oh well Will is going to be ready for you
    I’m sure, can’t wait to read about it!

  2. tomcat says:

    That’s all great, but I’ve slightly lost track of the narrative. This is very important to the
    follower of any soap opera, even one concerned more or less exclusively with guys doing the same
    things over and over again with their genitals. Had you been hardening him up by showering at
    the hotel? Keeping your speedo on, or peeling it off and making it a point of showing him your
    cock? Making it clear with glances to his cock and into his eyes that you were quite blatantly
    checking him out?

    Did he mention his fiancee much? Have you seen her? Was he sporting an engagement ring as he
    rested his hands on your hips to help bring you off? Hope you have a chance to get to him again
    before the wedding — and indeed, I hope you’ll be there to give him a firm handshake and look
    him straight in the eye!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Alex says:

    OMFG!!! that was soo hot y can`t that happen to me ??

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