Quiet day out the window

Today was going to be a quiet day doing lots of work

Last night I had a roast at Peter and Michelle’s which was just the best home cooked meal I have had in God knows how long.  I had a few drinks but not too many which I am very proud of myself for.  This morning I had a good sleep in as it is really windy and not quite the best day for outside activities.

Then I just got a call from Mike telling me that he is having a half day and I wanted to meet him for lunch.  I’m excited and I can never say no to an offer of lunch hopefully followed by sex.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive work wise.

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3 comments on “Quiet day out the window
  1. Big Jay says:

    Dave! We need to hear about you getting some dick the other night, PLEASE!!

  2. adam says:

    Your Dinner sounds great yuumy,if i was doing dinner
    i wounld serve it up for you in my DES SPEEDOS MMMMM
    I hope you tent well in your aussiebums .
    Take care

  3. Wally says:

    Great to see horny young guys like yourself proud enough to get into aussiebums,you must try the xwear gear!
    Now DAVE ya did’nt tell as about ya romp with Mike from the week end so I hope we hear about all the cock playing in and out of those aussiebums after the lunch Mate. I ‘m getting excited just thinkin about it.

    Cheers Wally

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