Race day tomorrow

Sunday 17th April 2005
Holy fuck – I haven’t even officially started my blog – I’m offline now so I’m only writing it in MS Word and I’m already at six pages!!!!

Well yesterday was a bit of a nothing day. I got up around 10am. Went for a ski which wasn’t really that enjoyable with the hangover that I was suffering. It was my turn to cook for Brad and Lauren so I cooked up my ‘world famous’ fish potato bake. I’m not quite ready to reveal its secrets on this blog but I’m sure one day it will come out.

Was a quite night and since I cooked I didn’t have to clean (those are the house rules). I ended up back at my place around 8pm. Did some work on the Site and here I am 3hrs later.

Tomorrow is the Ski to Sea race at a neighbour ski resort which I am competiting in (www.Ski2Sea.ca). Some of the other volunteers have put a team together and I’m doing the road biking leg – I wish I was doing the alpine ski leg myself but ow well. I’m to tired to explain the race so if you are interested check out the official website and you will see the leg that I am doing.

Time for bed I think. Tomorrow is a HUGE day. The first of two (Monday is the SLCSP). I probably won’t post for a couple of days because I’ll be in town. Talk to you later guys.

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