Race Day

Tuesday 19th April 2005
Ow my god – I have been wanting to post for the last 24hrs or so now and now that I’m here the words are coming far too fast for this new keyboard of mine.

I’ll go through it in steps – if it takes a few days – that is OK because the resort is closed and I’m going to have nothing to talk about for a couple of days.

1. The Sea to Ski (www.Ski2Sea.ca)
We did OK – the other volunteer patrollers aren’t as young as I am so to be expected we finished in the middle of the pack. I obviously need some more training and again finished quite average compared to the other people doing my leg. Was a fun day – the race finished at the lake with the final leg being a canoe and when the canoe team finish (there are 2 people in the canoe) the entire team (which in our team there were 8) have to carry the canoe over the finish line. We ended up kicking back to the pub for a few and I stayed with the first other patroller that I met when I started work – Carlan. Carlan has a place in town and drives up on his days to work so crashing at his place was easy.

Well that was the boring part of the trip – the SLCSP was OK – I’ll tell you about it but the awesome – no EPIC is the right word (I know this is the second time I’ve used the word EPIC in a week but this is truly EPIC). I’m really exhausted and don’t think that I can do the other 2 parts to my ‘weekend away’ justice yet.

Nothing is happening over the next couple of days so I’ll see what I can break up over the next 2 days.

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