Real mean wear speedos

I haven’t had sex with a real bear of a man yet.  It is something I dream about often – being dominated by a big strong masculine man.

When I saw this foto it reminded me of some of those fantasies of mine.

Speaking of real men – I’m off (in about 5hrs) on a road trip with Henry and 2 other ski patrollers (they are snowboarders as well).  I’m just an extra since someone pulled out today and I think we are going to 4 different ski areas in 4 days – I should be back Friday night.  The 2 other guys that are going I don’t know them too well but I think one is married and the other hasn’t shown any non-str8 inklings.  Henry and I should be able to keep each other company though.

I’m taking my lappy so hopefully I’ll have net.

Speedo bear

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

3 comments on “Real mean wear speedos
  1. anon. says:


    i was wondering whether you could possibly find a foto of michael phelps naked..i think he’s really hot. i havent been able to find a foto of him surfing on the net but i did find this site called which may have it but i’m not sure

    thanks for your help 😉

  2. Srini says:

    God… That is one hot pic..WOW..wonder how those two guys would be..

  3. DonPato says:

    Oh Danmm Michael Phelps I second that! Anything with Micheal Phelps would do it for me!


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