Red speedos

The last couple of days I haven’t had 2 minutes to scratch myself so my apologies for not posting for a while.

I have been playing the role of ‘boyfriend’ for Julie while her parents were in town and it was kind of fun being able to crash at a really really nice condo – it had a steam shower which I am in love with.  Don’t worry – I’ve still been giving Will some ‘attention’ and I was invited to join Samantha and Henry one afternoon so they could tick off D (for Dave) in the alphabet game.  I love afternoon sex!!!

Town here is still pretty busy but tomorrow (Monday) things should be back to normal and the housemates shouldn’t be working so much and have a little more time for some FUN (aka – sex)!!!

Over the Xmas break I had been expecting the sales of my new speedos (DESwimwear) to drop but they have really gone through the roof.  I have had to run a second production run of them just to keep up with demand.  But now I’m looking forward and trying to decide what new model I should make.  A red or black version would be kewl – and maybe a skimpier white one with 1″ sides.  I don’t have to decide just yet and I’m hoping you guys will help me decide.

I’m going to run some pics over the next couple of days to help me make up my mind.  Red speedos are VERY hot.

Red speedo picture.

Red speedos.

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8 comments on “Red speedos
  1. Always says:

    I vote for 1″ sides in red or white. I have been holding out in getting a pair in the hopes that you would make them with smaller sides.


  2. DonPato says:

    You dont have to post a lot just keep loading those speedos on here. SO HOT I love em. You can send all your speeds to me and ill keep em nice and safe for you:)


  3. Steve says:

    I vote for red

  4. Peter says:

    Do the red one and you HAVE to include the 1″ one (both white and Red).
    As soon as you get the 1″ I will order.

  5. Caravage69 says:

    RED is definetely the hottest colour of all. And please go for a 1″ version. That’s so hot.



    You know I just LOVE your speedos and wish you every succes in this enterprise.

    Regardless of colour or style, I will still invest as I’d like to see the range grow,
    which will make buying speedos more enjoyable and fun for everyone.

    Personally, I love a pale blue or deep blue. Red is very hot , followed by black.

    I’d like to see a deep blue model with amber red “DE SWIMWEAR” at the hip.

    I’d like to see a more narrow version, but not too narow.

    A purely red speedo

    Limited Edition Speedos: LIMITED issue production of unusual colours such as very pale
    greens, yellows and even pink!

    g_string speedo signed by you Mr DAVE.

    Whatever you decide, I know it will be good and know you will do something thats
    fun to wear, practical and sexual!!!

    Heres to 2007 DE SWIMWEAR!!! Cant wait……ROBBIE!

  7. CanberraSpeedo says:

    If you make red with 1″ sides I’ll definitely buy a pair!

  8. nachix says:

    Definitely black with 1″ sides!

Let me know what you are thinking.....