Sexual Odessy

This past weekend has been a sexual odessy!!!

It all began on Saturday afternoon with me dropping over to Adam’s place. Wore my black AussieBums and we fucked like rabbits… again. It is really kinda funny as we have been seeing each other now for a couple of weeks and there is never much conversation and we are both always horny as hell when we do catch up. Man I get horny just thinking about it now.

Saturday night I went out with this group of people (some I live with) and some who are friends of my only other friend in town (I’m not that lonely just that Michael is the only guy I knew here before I moved here). So there was a BBQ on at this couples place and I was keen to see this swinging couple (might remember when I met them a couple of weeks ago). I haven’t seen them since and yes they were there. They are a really funky young (late 20’s I suppose) couple and although all of Michael’s friends know that they are big time swingers – they didn’t give anything away.

I was trying to hang out with the swinging couple but the woman (Nikki) was keen to hook me up with a friend of hers. Sandra (Nikki’s) friend, didn’t rock up for a couple of hours after I was there and she wasn’t that bad but nothing to write home about. She was 5 and a half foot tall, mid length dark hair, tidy little arse on here and average to below average sized tits.

Since there was nothing else taking my fancy at the party (my friend Michael doesn’t know I’m gay) I played along with Sandra. And to make a long story short we ended up in the spare bedroom (I was always going to stay over because I wasn’t going to drive home with that much alocomohol – hehehe – in my system.

OK back to the spare bedroom with Sandra – we are both pretty drunk, I go down on her, she goes down on me then she says totally out of the blue, “Dave, would you like to fuck me up the arse?” Gotta love the language on kiwi girls – hehehe.

Being gay I suppose I don’t really have an objections about anal so complied with her request. She did have a very tight little arse and she didn’t complain at all about pain -I did use lots of lube and the alcomohol would have played a part as well I’m sure. As I fucked Sandra’s tight little arse what went from being quiet (because the house was full of sleeping people) became quite vocal as Sandra began moaning very loudly. I couldn’t stop her and it was kinda hot knowing that everyone in the house is now well aware that not only are we fucking, but Sandra made it quite clear to everyone where I was fucking her with her screams “Your dick feels so big in my arse!!!”

We passed out pretty much as soon as we were done. Next morning was kind of weird over breakfast with 8 other people who had heard us going at it. Nikki and Liam (the swinging couple) were having a giggle. All good fun though and Sandra was probably one of the best girls that I have ever had sex with.

So that was my sexual odessy weekend. I got fuck up the arse (by Adam) and I fucked someone up the arse (Sandra). This Sandra chick doesn’t live in my little town – she lives in the big smoke about 2hrs drive away (maybe less) but she’ll be back in town in a couple of weekends time… I think there might be an option there to get in with this swinging couple or even see if Adam and I can have some fun with her.

Options options everywhere!!!!

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