Shame about the tattoo

First up, I can’t believe how many of you guys wanted to see my speedo sex pics of me with Surfer Chick!!!  It was an amazing response and I’ve had some fantastic feedback so it sounds like you guys liked them.  I did manage to find some more from that shoot which I’ll publish next week.  Thank you for your support guys!!!

Otherwise it has been a crazy end to the week.  The shit has absolutely hit the fan which is why I haven’t had the time to post.  Just admin stuff but a complete pain and being the end of the just made it a million times worse.  As I write this it is about 3pm on Friday afternoon and I will be lucky to get to bed tonight…

See, it isn’t all speedos and blowjobs running these sites.  I’m still smiling though.  I received in the post today a gift from a member being a new pair of AussieBums, I’m wearing them right now and they are a different cut but I think I like them.  I’ll post more about them over the weekend if I ever get some sleep.

Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I should deprive you guys of some speedo eye candy.  Here is a new model shoot I added to recently which I thought you guys might like.

He looks really cute in his speedos….. I’m just not a huge fan of the tattoo.

I wouldn’t kick him out of bed though.

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