Sitting on my arse

I’m sitting in the back of the airport shuttle on my way to DIA (Denver International Airport).  I can’t believe the shuttle has wireless this is awesome!!!

I’ll write a bit of a debrief of my time in America on the long flight home but for the next nearly 40 hours I’ll be sitting on my arse.

Shuttle to DIA, DIA to LAX, LAX to SYD then train from SYD to Central, swap trains at Central and then Central to Gosford then taxi or a mate picking me up at Gosford train station then to my house (key has been left out for me).  I think I should get to the house around midday but you never know what might happen or what could get delayed.

First thing I’m going to do is get in the ocean!!!

Then I’m going to walk down the beach to town and grab a meat pie!!!

Talk to you guys on the other side of the pacific.

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4 comments on “Sitting on my arse
  1. Randy says:

    I’ll be interested in your perspective on your time here. Have a safe trip! Hope it all works out well for you. Envying you that house on the beach, and those gorgeous Aussie boys in their Aussiebums.

  2. Ryan says:

    Safe travels Dave!!

  3. Sam Speedo says:

    Safe trip back home to good old Oz, Dave!

    Don’t envy your flight hours . . . did the non-stop haul from SYD to Vancouver last July . . . took 13.5 hours each way.

    That excludes all the changing of transport options on the ground and wasted time waiting for those connections. Guess the trip was about 22 hours each way . . . still a lot more tolerable than your trip!

    Enjoy that meat pie and the fantastic Pacific Ocean when you arrive here!

    Bet you look even better than the hot hunk with the tent in his speedo that you’ve posted here.

  4. Darren says:

    Hope Kip did not pound you too hard before you left otherwise you would not be able to sit for that long flight home. Hope you had a chance to jack off a time or two in the toilet on the flight so your balls did not shrivel up through lack of use.

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