SLCSP – Over and done with.

Wednesday 20th April 2005
SLCSP – I’ve decided that the official staff party is all that I’m going to talk about today. Work today was pretty cruisy – they opened up one of the chair lifts for us to clean out all the safety barriers – it had slowed about 40cms since they closed the resort on Sunday afternoon and with that in mind I can’t believe they were paying me to ski all this deep pow. It was a bit heavy but definitely can’t complain.

Anyways – I’ve got so much to write and I want to get it down property. OK the staff party – the SLCSP. So I was staying with Carlan and his family on Sunday night after the race. On Monday morning I caught a bus to another Okangan town (sorry guys – wanna keep some kind of privacy). Brad and Lauren had a place organized to Monday night – just some motel and it had a couple of double beds so they knew I was staying with them. I was there earlier then them and checked in no probs.

After checking in around 10 (yes I know that is early – but there isn’t much happening in the Okanagan on the first Monday in April) I went for a walk.and ran into Brian and his house (Brian lived with 3 other people that he knew as well as I did – which wasn’t much). They were staying at the same motel that Brad had organized so I ended up giving them a hand carrying all their stuff the 2 blocks to the motel. Once they were in we left for the golf course.

Golf itself sucked. The told us no alcohol on the course – I had my trusty bottle of Scotch and water bottle in my back pack so no problems there but since nobody else shares my foresight it is kinda lonely drinking alone.

After the 9 holes of golf (which I’m not that good at as it is) we had dinner put on by the company. It was kind of a flop as well and we called Lauren (Lauren doesn’t work for the Lift Company so wasn’t allowed to play her 9 holes). She picked up 7 of us in her (and Brads tiny Chrysler). We rocked back to the motel and started drinking.

And that was about 7pm.

Man – I write a lot. Tomorrow I will tell you what happened at about 10pm just before we left to leave the motel for town.

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