Soccer is Gay

Who here is getting up early tomorrow to watch the soccer final?

I’m really not a soccer fan, I love my rugby, tennis, cricket, ice hockey and motorsports. I’ve even come to enjoy NFL but to me soccer is the most boring way to spend 90 minutes that I could think of. There isn’t enough scoring and I HATE the ‘diving’ and all the mistakes that the umpires make.

I like some of the players, particularly the Aussies, Kiwi’s and American’s because they don’t dive as much and they aren’t anywhere near flamboyant as some of those European guys – maybe because our soccer players don’t make as much money and don’t get the super star treatments.

Ronaldo is a darn good looking guy and maybe he is why they call soccer ‘beautiful’.

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3 comments on “Soccer is Gay
  1. Art says:

    He looks like he’s been out in the sun a little too much in that first picture. Can’t possibly be healthy.

  2. Dave Evans says:

    That one does look a little weird – actually most of them look a little weird.

    I think I’ll keep my fantasies to hot rugby boys.


  3. filipe says:

    cristiano ronaldo is a perfect bottom boy… i would love to fuck him

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