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Thursday April 7th 2005
This is my second post for the day which has made me feel a little better.

Yesterday was a huge day for me. Unlike most people who live on the mountain (most people who live on the mountain are Aussie uni students who have Mummy and Daddy pay for their airfares and then live as cheaply as possible – but all the time Mummy and Daddy are their if they get in trouble). Sorry but I’m going to cut onto a tangent on why I’m not one of the ‘normal’ Aussies in a north American ski resort. I for one – don’t particularly like my parents. Secondly – as I no longer live at home (and many other reasons) I will not, ever in a million years (unless it is for a bail that I intend to jump) would I ever borrow money from them. And the final point is that I have paid my own way here and I’m paying my own way when I’m here with no ‘Mummy and Daddy’ backup.

On the other hand I do admit – because I run my website (the one dedicated to guys wearing speedos) I do have an unfair advantage in having a second form of income (all be it minor – it still warrants me accepting that it is a second form of income).

Ow where the hell was I????

OK – reading back now I was trying to make an excuse why I didn’t post yesterday. We’ll because I run my site I work 2 days a week as a volunteer ski patroller. Since I was a nipper (to all those non-Aussie’s out there – a nipper is a junior life guard where learn CPR and stuff like that. Other than the CPR the rest of it was pretty much common sense. Anyways I’m getting on a tangent again – dam that Scotch.

So yesterday I had a morning shift with the volunteer patrol and because someone was sick (would have thought a patrolly could have seen it coming hey?) and I had to cover his afternoon shift. Not a bad thing because all I have to do is going skiing for the afternoon – not a bad thing… well unless you were one of the 2 people reading this blog yesterday I suppose.

Well – after my double shift I came in and my long time buddy Brad told me there was a party next door so I downed a few Scotches and partied on…. The rest I do admit was a blur. And so I am at today.

Ow shit – now I better write something for today.

I’m bloody exhausted so I’ll be back.

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