Speedo Adult Story

This weekend is a holiday in the US and the resort here is busy as hell.  So I’ve been inside working all day yesterday,  all day today and I’m not sure if I’ll step outside the condo tomorrow either.

Thanks for the comments on how hot those arena speedo photos are below – I think they are hot and I’ve never owned let alone seen a pair of arena speedos in real life.  I think I’ll have to buy a pair.

Here is an erotic story for you guys – I’ve had this on my site for a while and those of you enjoying a long weekend should enjoy a nice long cock after reading this.


Guys in Speedos had always been a turn on for Justin. He remembered the first time he went to the pool and saw the lifeguard clad in a red Speedo. He got an instant erection. Justin bought a red Speedo himself right after this happened and spent hours rubbing the smooth bulge and watching his cock tent the nylon. He loved the silky, slippery feel of the nylon against his skin, and he enjoyed rubbing and caressing his cock through the fabric.
Justin never understood his Speedo fascination, but he certainly knew he was very attracted to other guys in Speedos. He started training with the swim team and soon discovered this was the best way to satisfy both his attractions. Justin also discovered he was not the only guy who stiffed a woody in his Speedos. He watched several of his teammates with erections just like his own in their Speedos and even once walked into the shower and caught another swimmer jacking off into his Speedo.

Justin was addicted to juicing his Speedo several times a day. He would wear it to bed at night and awake often with hard erections he would rub to climax inside his Speedo. He had to buy another Speedo for swimming practice because his first red suit became so stained with his daily jerkoff routines. In fact, he began a Speedo collection to feed his growing obsession with them.

By now Justin had begun to fantasize about having sex with other guys from his team. He would get so horny during practice playing around in the pool. Some of the bigger guys on the team invented a game of tag, and their favorite way to tag another player was diving under water and grabbing a handful of Speedo. Whether it was an ass or a cock didn’t make much difference, as long as the result was a Speedo hardon for the rest of the team to see. Justin noticed one particular guy named Nathan always tagged him, usually bringing his hand over Justin’s cock. Nathan followed his tag with a big smile.

Justin thought Nathan was the hottest swimmer on the team, even before the Speedo tagging started. After the first few tag games, Justin knew Nathan wanted him, too. So Justin changed lockers in the gym and moved his gear next to Nathan. Another big smile greeted Justin the first time Nathan saw his teammate changing out of his Speedo after practice. They quickly showered that first day and headed back to Justin’s house for their first encounter.

The door to Justin’s room had barely closed before they were both stripping off their clothes. Nathan dropped his gym bag on the bed and reached inside to reveal a well-worn Speedo he had prepared for his first time with Justin. And like Justin’s red Speedo juiced during endless masturbation, Nathan’s swimsuit was also covered in cum stains. He turned to face Justin and asked him to put it on, kissing Justin passionately as he held the Speedo in his hand. Justin couldn’t believe his fortune. Not only was Nathan the hottest swimmer on his team, now he offered Justin his own juiced Speedo as tribute to their first sex together. Justin pulled the Speedo over his massive cock, already hard and dripping because he realized Nathan liked to juice his Speedo, too. Now it was Justin’s turn to make Nathan as hard as he was. He opened the drawer where he kept his favorite red Speedo and handed it to Nathan. Nathan’s appreciative eyes told Justin he had just found his perfect sex buddy.

Standing in Justin’s room wearing each other’s Speedos, both guys embraced and felt their hard cocks touch through the fabric. They were so hard and big it was nearly impossible to keep their cocks tucked inside their tight Speedos. Each time one guy’s cock would pop out of his Speedo, his buddy would gently rub it back into place, keeping the nylon bulge full and hard. Nathan knew even more ways to pleasure Justin’s hard Speedo than Justin had tried when he was alone.

Besides rubbing his pouch against Justin, Nathan would rub his fingers against Justin’s tight asshole, pushing the Speedo up inside the crack while pumping his hard cock against Justin’s bulge. They took turns doing this to each other before finally moving to the bed. They rolled constantly into different positions on the bed while rubbing and stroking their Speedo bulges, sometimes side by side pumping pussies through their hard Speedos, sometimes in a 69 rubbing each other’s cocks through the tight nylon.

The slow stroking of hard cocks was often accompanied by frequent pouch sucking, and their bulges became wet and shiny from sustained licking of their Speedos. Nathan and Justin were slowly priming each other, building the pressure inside each bulging pouch until they were ready to cream their Speedos. They eagerly awaited the first release of juice inside their Speedos as they pumped their cocks in unison.

Justin and Nathan came at the same time, horny cocks pumping furiously into their bulging pouches. Their lips locked as they juiced their Speedos, creaming the nylon clinging tightly around their hard cocks. They both moaned as cum squirted inside their Speedos, spurting stream after stream of man juice into the pouches. They pumped their hard, cum-soaked Speedos together, feeling the slippery juice spreading inside the nylon.

When their cocks finally stopped squirting, they would reach inside each other’s Speedos and smear cum over their hard cocks. Each guy wrapped a slippery hand gently around his buddy’s hard cock inside the cum-drenched Speedo, wiping the creamy juice over their cocks and stroking slowly until they each dumped a second load of creamy spooge into their soaked pouches. Neither guy had ever experienced such ecstasy, made even more intense because they shared for the first time their mutual obsession for juicing their Speedos. Then they would swap Speedos and repeat their routine of pumping, stroking, and Speedo sucking until they shot another load of juice into each other’s nylon pouches.

There were many more sessions between Justin and Nathan after the first. They would crawl into bed wearing their Speedos and spend hours stroking and sucking their hard pouches under the covers. They took turns sucking each other’s cocks through the Speedos, thoroughly soaking their bulges one at a time before locking themselves in a 69 between each other’s legs where the pouch sucking became even more intense.

They often exchanged Speedos while they sucked and rubbed, watching each cock slowly revealed as the slippery wet pouch was removed. They would plunge their mouths over their exposed cocks and suck slowly before pulling their Speedos back on. With the wet Speedos tightly encasing their hard cocks, they would resume sucking pouches in their favorite 69 position until the first big load of cream squirted into their Speedos.

They drifted off to sleep after juicing their Speedos, leaving the creamy nylon pouches wrapped snugly around their cocks. Justin would awake in the middle of the night with an erection inside his Speedo and rub Nathan’s Speedo until his cock was hard as well, followed by slow masturbation of his friend until he coaxed his cock to shoot another hot load of juice into his Speedo pouch. Justin kissed Nathan’s full lips as he shot each load of cream into his Speedo.

Other times Nathan would pump his pouch firmly against Justin’s Speedo bulge while Justin pretended to sleep until he felt the squirting rhythms that signaled Justin had just thoroughly juiced his Speedo again. As soon as Nathan felt the juice squirting inside Justin’s Speedo, he pumped his own Speedo full of cum. Many times after juicing their speedos they would exchange their cum-filled suits and repeat the familiar pattern of Speedo pumping and rubbing until another orgasm would drench them with more cream. Their Speedos became so soaked they would no longer absorb all the cream pumped into them, and they took turns spreading the slick cum over their bodies, rubbing handfuls of the slippery juice over their stomachs and abs.

They never tired of juicing their Speedos over and over or swapping wet pouches filled with cum and sweat. Sometimes they would slip into spandex shorts and nylon thongs. Justin had a pair of white spandex shorts that made the outline of his cock look huge. They were one of Nathan’s favorites for sex play because Justin would stay hard for hours when he wore them, letting Nathan watch him play with his hard cock bulging inside the tight spandex.

They studied together in Nathan’s room after class, and Justin would sit on the bed in front of Nathan with his legs wide apart giving Nathan a clear view of his stiff cock. Nathan watched his friend lie back on the bed and stroke his hard dick through the spandex, slowly rubbing the shaft and head until Justin moaned just before shooting his spunk into the shorts. Nathan loved watching Justin cream his spandex. He got so hard watching his buddy, the minute he rubbed his hand over his nylon thong he exploded his own load of juice into the pouch. Justin watched Nathan squirting hot streams of cum into his thong while he continued to massage his cum-filled spandex shorts.

They were so horny after watching each other jerk off they would collapse onto the bed and lock their bodies into a 69, pressing their mouths over the hard cocks still bulging inside their juice-filled pouches. Justin spread his long legs and pressed his spandex-packed cock into Nathan’s waiting face, while Nathan pumped his thong pouch into Justin’s willing mouth. They constantly switched positions, rolling back and forth, groping for a wet bulging pouch to quench their hungry mouths. They could taste each other’s cum as they rubbed their faces and mouths over the hard, soaked cocks bulging through the tight fabric. The pouches became transparent from their wet mouths, exposing their beautiful hard cocks inside.

Each guy would prolong his sucking until he could see his buddy’s cock pulsing through the slippery nylon just before he came. Then they would expose their wet cocks and suck the sweet juice that gushed from their swollen balls. After a long suckfest they would shower and have dinner before returning to Nathan’s room for another night in hard Speedos.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

6 comments on “Speedo Adult Story
  1. speedoboi says:

    Dave that is one of the HOTTEST stories I have read for a while.
    Keep up the great work mate.

  2. purplespeedo says:

    Dave, I reckon that was pretty hot too. By the way, what colour were Nathan’s speedos? Looking forward to the next installment. D.

  3. Jinzo says:



    HEY MR DAVE!!!

    Sorry I haven’t made a comment in the past fortnight as I havent been
    well. THAT IS A HOT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do identify with Justin’s first sexual experiments with SPEEDOS. When
    I was at College, (an all-boys school), I started to crave masturbating
    in Year 9 in red speedos. These red speedos were a unique colour and
    design to the college, almost crimson. They felt awesome whenever
    we had swimming instruction, so tight yet smooth and stimulating on
    my young hard cock.

    So I was in bed one night and thought: “WOW! What if I put my speedos
    on in bed and lay on my cock?” So I did. It felt SO DAMNED GOOD!

    I hugged my pillow and began pounding my cock against the bed. I was
    in heaven…then I came. It was the first mature orgasm I had ever had.
    I made so much mess and was worried what Mum would say. She just
    said I had a bad dream, but I would have to be more careful in future.

    At first I thought jerking off in a speedo was unnatural and something
    was really wrong with me. I doubted my sanity….then realised I was not alone
    in these erotic speeedo urges. The class Captain you see was VERY HOT.
    I began to fantasise about his hard massive penis in his college swimmers,
    as his beautiful toned body lay limpless on the grass on Sports Day. Tim was
    laying next to his friend Chris. They were joking about playing with their speedos.
    Tim, the Captain, even lightly foundled his pouch in front of Chris while they
    both laughed. It was also strange they showered together more than once.
    Tim had such a beautiful body and I WANTED to hug him and stroke my cock against
    his. I could tell it was huge as he NEVER took his speedo off in the changeroom when
    other boys were present. To this day I don’t know if he is gay. I never had the guts
    to ask him. But he had a beautiful tall body, toned with brown eyes and a crop of
    beautifully parted brown straight hair. He looked good in the white school shirt,
    tie and pressed trousers. He was my first crush.

    So Dave the above details are 100 percent true. I do identify with Justin’s and
    your cravings for speedo sex. I am certain I know what you were feeling when you
    thought about playing cock in speedo the first time.

    After leaving college at 16 and Matricuated I lost an awful lot of weight. I was a
    slim 58kg boy. So that first summer I went into a sports shop, can’t remember
    which, and bought a new size 14 speedo. It felt good and the next day I drove
    down to the beach for the first time without my family and just after my Dad died.
    I lay in the sun, limpless and totally relaxed. I could see my cock rising through
    my tight speedo, followed by trickles of pre-cum soaking through the material.
    It would get harder. More pre-cum would flow and then evaporate in the hot sun.
    I began perving at other guys in speedos. (Boardies were not common in 1989).
    I became so hard I would turn on my side and discreetly paste suncream on
    my dick in my pouch, while making sure no-one was watching. Then I gave
    into my urges and pounded my dick against my speedo in the sand. And
    as I was about to come I released my stiffy from the speedo and squirted
    hot juice in the sand. Then cover up my mess with sand before I got up.

    These were my first speedo experiences. The next year I bought a black
    speedo with “SPEEDO” written in yellow on the bum. While laying in the
    sun, another boy approached me in a tight black speedo. I was nervous
    as helll! He SPOKE! He asked if I wanted a beer, as he had a couple of cans with him.
    I of course replied : “NO THANKYOU” and wondered what would happen next.
    Then he said: “Can I borrow your suncream?”
    I replied “Yeah O.K”
    “Well can you rub it into my back please?”
    “Sure”, I replied.
    So i began rubbing the oozy white cream into his toned tanned back. God I
    didn’t know what was next! You see I was nervous about my sexuality and
    didn’t know much about the gay scene. But I was too late for anything to happen
    as he soon left me. God I wish I asked him to stroke his cock! He had black hair
    and cute looks! Looking back I would have asked him if I was more informed as I am now.

    Since school I have purchased many speedos. Red , blue, white, black. But I really
    love your speedos Dave, really I do.

    So guys go out and have fun ! don’t do what I did in my teen years and be nervous
    and doubtful. And Dave THANKYOU for your wonderful website! I LOVE IT AND ALWAYS

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  6. speedoshorts says:

    G’day Dave

    love your website. I’ve got a huge fetish for speedos and footy shorts and have a large collection of both. I’m wearing red nylon Aussiebums at the moment. Love cumming and pissing in my speedos.


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