Speedo Aquablade

I posted some pics of this guy wearing his purple (someone called it ‘grape’ colour) speedo aquablade and I posted some pics of a girl wearing the same style in a speedo one piece over on my bisexual blog today.

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a pair of these please let me know.

To see the girl wearing the same style go to www.BisexualDave.com

And I promise I won’t post ANY PURPLE SPEEDOS for at least a couple of weeks.

Purple Speedo AquabladeSwimmer in Grape Speedo Aquablade

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4 comments on “Speedo Aquablade
  1. spear says:

    Purple or is it maroon. I’d say it’s the latter

  2. Sam Speedo says:

    I’m thinking the second pic may have been photoshopped at some stage. I’ve got a copy of it with the guy in an identical pose, wearing a grey or blue speedo.

    Nevertheless, he looks awesome and the speedo is fantastic. I have an aquablade speedo I bought many years ago. Not sure where I got it but it was a bit expensive at the time – but fitted me perfectly for swimming.

    I don’t remember seeing any purple ones; most were blues and blacks.

  3. Ben says:

    It seems they have discountinued the purple speedos, they only have blue or black left me thinks.

  4. Dave Evans says:

    I’ve owned one pair of aquablade speedos but they were black and the sides were a little too big for me.

    I remember them being expensive as well but the material was beautiful although wore really quickly.


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