Speedo Daddy’s

I received a text from the Married Guy earlier today, here it what it said….

Read what you got up to last Monday… got me horny and I want a piece of your arse.  Your place at 3pm.  Be ready.

I love that the Married Guy follows my sexual adventures, he is a fully paid member.  Of course I would have given him a free membership since he is the star of so many of my recent experiences but I suppose he can afford a $5 membership.  When you join it comes up as Gocah Limited so it doesn’t matter if his wife looks at it.

While I sit here waiting for him to come over and fuck my brains out I thought I’d post some pics of real men wearing speedos.  If any of these guys wanted to fuck my brains out I’d be a willing recipient.

Ow, and if you didn’t get to read about my speedo surfing experience, click here to see that post.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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