Speedo Sex Club Party Tonight

Sorry for being off the grid guys, on Friday Kip’s new tent arrived so we very impromptuly (is that a word?) hit the road and headed south.  The weather was fantastic and we ended up camping on the Rio Grande River.

We had a nice private camping spot and Kip and I definitely christened his new tent – hehehe.

It was a bit of a drive and we ended up getting home on Monday afternoon.  Nice to get out of town, no interweb, no TV, no news and no mobile coverage.

Today I wanted to tell you guys that we have our first ‘Speedo Sex Club Party’ planned for tonight.  We have a pretty good crew lined up: BiBoarder (who I mentioned last week is coming), a local couple that Kip and I have played with, the Denver boys are coming up for the night and an old Grindr friend of Kip’s is coming over Vail Pass from Avon for the party as well.  That makes 8 of us, 3 couples and 2 singles and we’ve all played together before.

Kip’s hottub isn’t huge but I think we’ll be able to fit all 8 of us, speedo clad guys into it.

I’ll tell you guys all about it tomorrow.

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