Speedo Student

I stumbled across this photo of Hawaii Speedo Student the other day.  I’ve never seen it before and I think it is hot!!!

Those white AussieBum classics are in my speedo drawer (yes I need a drawer for all my speedos).  I can vouch that they are super, super see through.

If you want some white speedos don’t forget that if you join my site – SwimmerBoyz.com – I’ll send you a free pair of my DE Swimwear which come in white only and are super see through.

There is also an entire gallery of Hawaii Speedo Student AND his first professional HD Movie where he is wearing AussieBum’s and getting fucked HARD.

Speedo StudentHawaii Speedo Student

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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5 comments on “Speedo Student
  1. Randy says:

    What ever happened to that guy? When he was making those in-classroom speedo jackoff videos, he was talking about all about how we wanted this big career in porn. He went into it for a short while, did some hot speedo videos, and then just dropped out of sight. What happened?

  2. Dave Evans says:


    I’m not sure either – we had a bit of communication when he was in his prime but he has kinda disappeared.

    Last time I saw his blog he was going all hippy and trying to be a ‘writer’.

    He is a cutie and I love his work. I am going to approach him when I have my new line of DE Swimwear ready.


  3. Pete says:

    He used to have his own blog but even that has disappeared. I think he went to twitter or facebook but I am not positive on that.

  4. Dave Evans says:


    I found a blog a couple of months ago but it had no speedo eye candy on it, just some writings of his (non gay or speedo related).


  5. beerdoc_colorado says:

    I remember watching his vids years ago while he was in school in Hawaii. JO on the classroom tables (probably got him in trouble) He fills a speedo really good. like he was born with one on. The white speedos prove that he is royalty. Just look at those jewels!!

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