Speedo Tan

I noticed this morning that my speedo tan is starting to take shape!!!

Probably more from lap swimming in an outdoor pool than necessarily sunbaking but it is pretty awesome considering I had ZERO speedo tan at the beginning of the month.

I think my arse looks better with the tan lines as well.

Speedo Tan

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

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2 comments on “Speedo Tan
  1. beerdoc_colorado says:

    I imagine that most people didn’t think you were from the beach. With your “new jersey” tan and American accent. I expect you to look like the picture above with all the swimming, very soon.

  2. Darren says:

    Dave now you are home on those quiet Aussie beaches you would be working on an all over tan, I know I do when the beach is quiet.

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