Speedo Time

After a busy week and weekend I’ve finally got the house back to myself and I’m sitting here writing this wearing a pair of my AussieBum Coolabah’s – they are white.

It has been a fun week but man I am looking forward to getting the house back in order, filling the kitchen with some proper food, not drinking as much and getting back in the pool.  It is great having people around but I just end up not getting enough work done.  Speaking of which, I have 6 new speedo movies that I have uploaded which I just have to get screen shots and add to the movies page on SwimmerBoyz.com.

Anyways, I have a bunch of work to get on top of so I might not make it to the pool today but I might get on Grindr later this arvo and see if I can get laid.

Since I am wearing white speedos today, I thought I’d share some speedo eye candy with you guys.  I think the first pic is my favourite.

Cock Ring with White SpeedosWhite SpeeedoSee Through White Speedo

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11 comments on “Speedo Time
  1. Darren says:

    I agree Dave, the first pic is my favourite, great with that cock ring, his cock is not that big but perhaps it will grow a bit more! Is that pre cum oozing out of it?

  2. john dee says:

    mighty fine cock in pic.1 wouldn’t mind backing onto him right now I’d give him a ride to remember 😉

  3. DennisP says:

    You never told us what, if anything happened at the pool party.

  4. spear says:

    Nothing will stir up the cock like a guy in his wet skimpy briefs. That wet look always gets me hot and hard

  5. swimmer/biker says:

    I love a fully shaved guy with a cock ring…Especially in a white suit..I am glad you’re talking more about cock rings…lets do a survey and see how many other guys are into them…I am totally shaved and wear cock rings most all the time…I just bought myself three new pairs of
    Aussiebum..one is white..a favourite trick is to cut a small hole in the lining so for some situations I put my cock and balls through the hole and it makes them super transparent….anyone else do this or have other tricks..

  6. Dave Evans says:


    I have written part of it about the pool party and I’ll try and finish it up later today. It was pretty hot!!!


  7. Darren says:

    I am with swimmer/biker, I wear a cock ring 24/7, except when I take it off to shave. I have worn it for 9 months and would not feel properly dressed with out it. It really enhances my assets regardless of what I am wearing. Hope to see comments from other guys who wear one.

  8. Dave Evans says:


    I’d love to know what kind of cock ring you wear – I have tried them but never been super happy with the ones I bought.


  9. Darren says:

    Dave, mine is not made as a cock ring, I bought it at a local hardware store. It is solid rubber,1/8th inch thick, 2 inches in diameter, made for the plumbing trade I guess, but it is very comfortable. I had a narrower one to start with, but it cut into the equipment and was not comfortable. Obviously the size depends on your tackle, too small will be tight and too big will slip off, but it has to be tight enough to pull the balls forward under your shaft and of course improves the orgasm. Hope you find one that does the job.

  10. swimmer/biker says:

    I am with Darren…I wear mine just about all the time…but it must be just the right size…as he says…you have to experiment with several to get the size AND I suggest a shape that is oval (like the picture) so it does not cut into you when it’s tight. A great trick with a speedo is to tie the string through the cockring so that the suit always rides just above the base of your cock….I and my friends can get away with this at the pool because we totally shave and no one sees any pubic hair…

  11. swimmer/biker says:

    PS…you can get plenty of cockrings on Amazon.com….then the can be shipped to you in a discrete way..

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