Speedo Weather

I can’t believe how nice the weather has been here in Colorado over the last few days.

As I was deciding to stay here for the summer I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough to do.  People rave about the summer here but growing up on the Gold Coast my definition of summer is different.

I’d go a week without wearing shoes and days without wearing a shirt.  I never owned a wetsuit growing up but would swim in the ocean any day of the year.

Colorado summer isn’t that kind of summer but so far I really have been busy as all hell which is great.  The long days are really nice, it was getting light at 5:30am this morning and it is still kinda light at 9pm.

So far I’m enjoying it more than last summer which I spent in San Francisco.  Today Kip and I are going to go for a hike to this alpine lake.  There aren’t too many people around so we’ll get in some speedo tanline improvement and maybe some outdoor sex as well – hehehehe.

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3 comments on “Speedo Weather
  1. beerdoc_colorado says:

    yes it has been great weather. A little hot, and some forest fires about. A great time to dunk in the plunge pool and cool off. Been waiting to get on more hikes and take pictures. Hopefully when you and Kip connect there wont be any horny moose or bears around.

  2. beerdoc_colorado says:

    BTW use a lot of sunscreen at altitude. I am beginning to look like lobster boy.

  3. Dave Evans says:

    I hear you BeerDoc – I’ve been riding my bike a bit and my arms are super tanned already – not the best look shirtless but better than the old skin cancer I suppose.


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