1,900th Blog Post

I was wondering what to post today and I noticed that this is my 1,900th post.

Wow that is a lot – I can’t imagine how much time that is if I sat down and created 1,900 posts at once.  Would be weeks of work or maybe more.

Loving the comments that you guys have been posting – there is 6,136 total comments which is awesome.  I know some of you guys don’t like this layout as much as the old scrolling layout but it was so that I could turn comments back on.  I still might go back to a scrolling format, we’ll see.

One good thing about this new layout is that I can post more photos in each post which I hope you are enjoying.

It has been a whole 3 days since I posted about trying to get speedo fit.  I’m going to post some updates on here to keep me motivated.  I was a touch hungover yesterday and had Subway for dinner which was a little slack but it wasn’t ordering a big greasy pizza from Fatty’s (I love Fatty’s pizza).  There is a cute Irish chick who works at Subway too…. she is a liftie in winter and she was lovely and bubbly so I might be ordering subway a little more often.

On Monday I tried one of those DVD fitness things – I think it was Insanity.  I’ve never done anything like that and holy moly I am sore!!!  Sore enough that I didn’t go to the pool today.

We’ll see how things go.

This morning I ordered 2 pairs of ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos for Kip and myself.  A little 1,900th post present although I didn’t know it at the time.

There is a bunch of speedo sex stories that I’ve added to SwimmerBoyz.com in the last week or so – I might post one of them tomorrow for you guys.

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3 Comments on "1,900th Blog Post"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Wearing Speedos make everyone feel free and confident the way they are.


Congrats Dave. I’m looking foward to the next 1,900.


Way to go over the 1,900 mark, by marking with the awesome Adidas speedo!

What is it about the three-stripper that makes us salivate, as they are the most rock’n speedo!

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