2 guy wearing red speedos.

I love red speedos!!! I have only ever owned one pair of them and I wore them out rather quickly.

The image at the top of the blog here is proof of just how much I like red speedos. So after finding this foto shoot just before I left Canada I thought I’d just have to post some pics for you guys (and I haven’t posted many photos in the last couple of days).

The entire foto set is now available on ‘my site‘.

Guys wearing red speedos.
Gay boys kissing at the beach.
Red speedos.
Red speedos at the beach.
Gay speedo sex.

8 Users Responded in " 2 guy wearing red speedos. "

sharkers said,  

Hi speedoguy,

know the story of the title bar, but hadn’t seen you before – nice to put a face to the awesome blog – you’ve been busy recently, but dont forget about us!!

adam said,  

How great those pics are of you.And we can see the rest of your body.You certanily fill out those speedos.Great work Dave.

Undies Blogger said,  

That is incredibly hot!

Big Jay said,  

Dave which photo is Adam talking about that your whole body and face is in? Also these photos are hott. I love them. Getting ready to go on vacation myself and hope to get some action while there. Next year i think key west florida is where i want to be. i love this site.

ausbob said,  

These pics are just the hottest. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Eto Behven said,  

How hot is that!?

Meh said,  

Ahh..so you have silenced me by removing my post… shit, i hope someone didnt see it, might damage your gay cred…

Nick said,  

Oh man, what can I say! Really nice man, thanks for that, fuck I love tight Speedo’s n guys, I love them, own a pair myself and want to get more!

They’re great to jack off in too!..lol..


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