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Girls who like speedos Monday

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  • April 30, 2012

This is now three weeks in a row that my ‘Speedo Monday’ has been chosed by readers.

Today it is girls who like their guys in speedos.

Another gorgeous day here in the high rockies – not a cloud in the sky.  If only the water was warm enough in the local lake to be hanging out in speedos – still just a little bit too cold.

Fantastic Day

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  • April 28, 2012

After a few days inside working and cleaning up the house – Kip and I got out for a hike this afternoon.

We went up to this old mining town called St. Johns.  Picnic lunch, a couple of beers and 4hrs of hiking.  It was a little colder today but it was gorgeous and what a wonderful place in the word.  It actually reminded me of hiking in New Zealand with all the mining history.

I took my camera but the battery was flat – prolly should have checked it before leaving the house.  So instead of scenic photos of the nature kind – you guys will just have to suffice with scenic pictures of the speedo kind.

I’ve had a great response from the FREE DE Swimwear offer members of – I should be able to run this promo until the end of next week – I’ll keep you guys posted.

Enjoy the ‘scenic’ photos guys.

Get your DE Swimwear

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  • April 27, 2012

OK guys – a couple of years ago I had a product run of my DE Swimwear.

They are white, unlined and very very see through.

This is the last product run before I release the new line in a few months.

And since it is your support of my site that is how I get to keep running this site I’m giving them away to members of

If you join for a month ($29.95) – you’ll get full access to the site and a pair of DE Swimwear (I’m even going to cover the postage for you).

I really hope to get some amateur photos of guys wearing them.

If you are a current monthly or annual member at – shoot me an email ( and I’ll send you a pair as well.

Unforunately I only have sizes large (with and without a logo on the butt) and a handful of XL’s with no logo.

I’m sure you guys are going to love these super see through white DE Swimwear.

1,600th blog posts

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  • April 26, 2012

It has been just shy of 7 years, I’ve lived in maybe 20 different ‘homes’, 4 different countries and I’m not going to embarrass myself by saying how many boys I’ve been with – and a few girls as well – hehehehehe.

This blog post is my 1,600th – there have been just over 5,000 comments (more than 3 per blog post – thanks a bunch guys – it is the comments that keeps me writing).

Yesterday there were 5,136 unique visitors here.

I have hooked up with…. I mean, I’ve met at least a dozen blog readers over that time and I’ve hooked up with 2 of my str8 friends because they found ME through this blog.

There are a few of us ‘old’ bloggers about and those include Shaun from the old ‘Gizzard’ blog, Mel P who got me started and taught me about WordPress and of course Brenton P from Aussielicious – great online friends who I’ve gotten to see grow over the last half decade – they’ve only seen me just get more immature over time.  I’ve learnt a bunch from those guys.

Blogging has turned into being kewl and I’m told some people make money from it – it is kewl when someone notices me from my blog but it doesn’t make me any money – you guys are wonderful in supporting me by checking out my site but I’ve never put up a pop-up ad and I’ve never directed you off to some random bogan porno site to make a couple of cents from Google Ads.

Your support has been fantastic….

God only knows where the next 7 years and the next 1,600 posts will lead….

….. No matter what, I’ll be here – I hope you will be along for the journey.

Dirty Speedo Boy

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  • April 25, 2012

Today I helped Kip do a bit of a spring clean.

While we were both busy, only wearing speedos of course – the door bell rung.

Kip put some shorts over his speedos before opening the door but wouldn’t that have been funny, two speedo clad guys opening the door for the mail man…..  Gets the mind wondering doesn’t it.

And I am a day late on my DE Swimwear offer but I promise I’ll have it for you guys tomorrow.