Time for Matt to Cum

The final chapter guys…. If you haven’t read the other parts yet here are the links.
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I haven’t intentionally dragged this out but I have been super busy since New Years. Lots of normal updates coming up in the next couple of days.

Watching that scene of Matt fuck Julie from behind was pretty amazing. It brought me back to life after being sooooo exhausted.

I worked my way behind Matt and sitting low in the water I put my hand between his spread legs and began playing with his balls. Instantly I could tell he liked that… so I thought I’d try what I love.

I pulled the back of his Calvin Klein black briefs down and started playing with Matt’s very very tight little arsehole. He had done this to me not 4 minutes ago and I always think that if a guy tries something on you – it means he likes that himself. With one of my hands rubbing his balls and the other playing with his arsehole – AND with Julie’s moans indicating that she was having a good time Matt didn’t last long.

With that there was lots of moaning – we could be too loud but it was rather obvious that Matt and Julie enjoyed it. The three of us collapsed back into the water as Matt discarded his used condom.

I checked my watch on the edge of the hot tub and it read 4:23am – the three of us were shagged in both senses of the word. For Matt’s purposes I asked Julie if she would share this with Amy (remember Amy is Matt’s girlfriend who fell asleep before we got into the hot tub). Julie said that she thought her friend Amy would get jealous knowing what she had missed out on and wouldn’t say a word if Matt promised not to. Matt promised not to.

This was one amazing experience. Julie was ‘my girl’ I suppose and I end up having another guy suck me off and then I play with his balls and arsehole and I didn’t even kiss her.

Matt left on Saturday but on the Friday afternoon after we hooked up for some riding Matt told me that he was wearing a pair of speedos under his snowboarding pants and wanted to come back to my place and show me them. We had a real fuck session back at my place (thankfully nobody was home as we were kinda loud). Nothing better than hooking up with a guy who everyone else considers str8. No time now to write that story but I’m going to write it up and post it in the stories section of SwimmerBoyz.com (that is my site).

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awesome stuff Dave…hot as and love the new pic of he dirty blonde guy in Stu’s speedos….is he a mate of Stu’s do we know? maybe he would do a photo shoot if Stu is no as keen….keep it all going man…speedos rock!!!!


post da story of u and matt fuking

ten and cut

nice finish, wish i had heard how nice the slipery speedos felt under the snowboard stuff. i love the feel of a speedo under something. to grab a guys ass and feel the pants slip over a nice speedo.


Another eventful story from you that made me hard. Thanks a bunch.

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