3 Aussie Foursome

Last night went pretty well as I expected – the Aussie’s came around after dinner and along with Kip the four of us started in the hottub with all of us wearing speedos.

Kip’s hottub isn’t that big and there was no getting around some unintentional contact between the four of us which quickly turned into intentional contact between us.  We kind of paired off with Kip and one of the Aussie’s and me with the other.  After we were all feeling a little more relieved we just chilled out in the hottub for a while, speedos still on surprisingly.

As we got out of the tub I kinda wanted to fuck the other Aussie that Kip had been playing with earlier so we ended up going into my room.

It was the first time I’ve been fucked since last Friday and the fivesome and it felt great although I did need a week to recover – hahaha.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hey Dave!

Can you tell me what vid that third pic is from? Is it on swimmerboys? Holy fuck, I just want to jump into that!


wait for me.;i’m taker for the asshole of the third pic…My cock is ready hard


Yeah it’s a pretty awesome pic, eh . . .

I’d be happy to bottom for that rigid bit of man-meat any day soon!

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