3 days of Speedo Tan Lines

OK guys – I’ve gone through my foto archive on ‘my site‘ and from the 150+ fotos of speedo tan lines I’ve picked out some of my favourites ones.

This fist foto comes from a friend of mine from London who runs the website – www.UnderwearOff.com. These 2 guys are in Brazil and this is one of my all time favourite speedo tan line fotos. If you want more be sure to support UnderwearOff.com.

Brazil guys speedo tan line.

7 Users Responded in " 3 days of Speedo Tan Lines "

terence said,  

Well, all I can say is, don’t roll over and fall off!

ten and cut said,  

Damn, thanks for htese great lines and I look forward to the rest

Jake said,  

WOW! Hott site!

Big Jay said,  

Oh dave, this gets me so hard!! I want to be fucked in plain sight and view and those watching won’t care. Maybe they’ll join?! 🙂

Jon said,  

Great pics, Dave. So when are you going to post the pictures of yourself as promised?

Latham said,  

This has always been a faxorite photo of mine, but I can’t find out what film or mag it’s from. Anyone?????

Dave Evans said,  


These pics are from a complete photo set (maybe 50 images) taken by a [photographer called Bjorn something. I bought the non-exclusive rights to the images and the entire scene is availabe on ‘my site’.

Jon, there is some video of me mate – have you seen it?


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