Strip Poker Rules

Strip Poker Rules

One of my very first guy/guy experiences was with strip black jack – it is a great way to break the ice with someone.  Any suggesstions/improvement on these rules?

Throughout these guidelines, a few times, options or different choices are given. These give each game a unique style of play which works for the particular guys who are playing that game. Some are for the shy, some for the uninhibited, and some for gay/bi/straight. The guidelines you use also help determine how long the game lasts, some rules lead to a pretty short game, which isn’t always preferable. Other rules are designed to prolong the fun and play of the game and make it more enjoyable. Always, every guy should have an understanding of which rules will be used and be comfortable with them. No one should ever do anything they’re opposed to; although you should be ok with doing things that might be weird or embarrassing that while you’re not altogether comfortable with, you’re also not strictly opposed to.


Each guy who is playing starts off with a maximum of 10 pieces of clothing.

Shoes (2)
Socks (2)
Shirts (2)
Pants (1)
Belt (1)
Jockstrap (or underwear) (1)
Miscellaneous (hat, ring, necklace) (1)
You can substitute anything for anything else; meaning you don’t need 2 shirts, you could have one shirt and one extra something else. However, the most you can have is 10 items. Each participant is asked to specifically wear a jockstrap if possible. The jock can be brand new, freshly washed or worn for a while and used. If you don’t own a jock, some sort of sexy underwear is ok.


The poker game is played in this way.

Five (5) cards are dealt to each player
The player may discard any number of cards and get new ones to replace them (twice)
As follows: Deal 5. Discard/replace first time. Discard/replace second time. Whoever has the best cards wins the hand.


There are a few options on how to handle winning and losing. The method of winning and losing is determined beforehand and consistent throughout the game.

Method A

The winner does not have to remove a piece of clothing. All the others who do not win must remove one item of clothing; or,
The winner may put back on an item of clothing, and all the others who did not win, do not have to remove any additional clothing.
Method B

The person with the lowest hand of the entire group has to remove an item of clothing; and,
The winning hand of the entire group may put back on an item of clothing; and,
The others remain the same.

There is no money involved in strip poker. You are betting your clothes. Depending on which method of play you use, when you are the/a loser of the hand you remove one item of clothing you are wearing and put it in the middle of the group or in a pile with the others clothing somewhere. You may remove any piece of clothing you are wearing; there is no order in which you have to remove your clothes. You continue to play until you are either the entire game winner or you are naked; you can not stop playing in the middle or before you get naked to prevent removal of all your clothes. There are several choices of how to continue once one or more of the players is naked and has nothing left to bet. Whichever choice you make is consistent throughout the game for everyone.

Method A

The loser(s) no longer plays. He sits naked, while the rest of the group continues until there is only one man left with any clothing on and the rest are naked. In this case the game ends.

Method B

The loser(s), once fully naked, have the option to permanently bet their jockstrap. They will have already removed their jock and be naked by this point, but they can play another hand. You must declare you are betting your jockstrap before the cards for that hand are dealt.

If they win the hand, they can put on a piece of clothing again or have the other(s) remove clothing and they keep their jock.
If they lose the hand, the winner gets to keep that guys jockstrap permanently or bet it again later if he gets naked instead of/in addition to his own. In this situation, the other loser’s still remove their clothing or are otherwise penalized.
Method C

In this style of game play, those who have lost all their clothes can continue to play by betting a ‘dare’ or ‘penalty’. To continue to play once you’re without clothes, you must continue to play each subsequent round without a break. (ie. you can’t play one round, lose- do the penalty, then sit out the next round and then sit in again on the third subsequent round). You’re either still in or you’re out. The dares or penalties are really only limited by the imagination and creativity of those playing the game who want to use them. In all cases, whatever the dares or penalties are should be established up-front and agreed upon by the entire group before play begins. Once you lose when you’re naked and you’ve agreed to this style of play, you have to do the penalty, you can’t back out or change your mind (but you can stop playing and remain naked for the rest of the game).

You can give penalties or dares in two ways:

You can agree to all the penalties and then write them down and put them into a jar. The loser(s) have to randomly pick a penalty if they lose and do it.
You can agree to all the penalties and have them be progressive. The first time you lose when you’re naked you must do penalty-A, the second time-penalty B, etc. In this situation, the penalties should be designed to get progressively more difficult, embarrassing, intense, etc.
My personal favorite style of play is playing until you’re naked then continuing, using the betting of your jockstrap method along with dares and penalties.


Below is a list of penalties that I’ve come up with, have been suggested by other guys or have been included in games that I’ve played.

In all cases, every guy playing should be fully aware of the penalties, comfortable with them if he loses and agree to them. Any guy has the right to refuse any penalty from being included (for him or the entire group) as long as it’s determined beforehand. You can’t refuse a penalty that you’ve agreed to once the game starts and/or you lose and have to do it. If all but one guy are ok with a penalty it’s ok to let him substitute another penalty for himself instead of that one; unless its something he’s totally uncomfortable with. I’ve played strip poker with gay guys who are cool with a penalty of having to suck another dudes dick for 20 seconds, when no straight guys were there. I’ve also played with all straight guys where sucking was out of the question, but it was ok to have to jack yourself off in front of everyone to see. I’ve also played with open-minded straight guys that accepted the penalty of having a gay guy get to hold their balls for 30 seconds or suck on their tit for a minute or had to hold another dudes balls in their hand as well.

The penalties should be tailored to the guys present to make it fun and ok for everyone. The list of possible penalties can be changed, added to or minimized however you want. When the penalty involves another person, it should focus on whichever side of it you’d most prefer NOT to do. The winner of the hand gets to pick the other guy (which may be himself).

List of possible penalties/dares you may want to include:

Mild penalties:

Stand up naked and bend over. Grab your butt cheeks with each hand and spread apart, showing your butt-hole to the group for 15 seconds.
Get on all fours naked. With one hand, pull your dick down and back between your legs, showing the group your butt-hole, balls and dick for 30 seconds.
Get on all fours naked. Each guy gets to slap your ass one time.
Get on all fours naked. Each guy (or the winner only) fondles your balls (only) for 15 seconds.
Get on all fours naked. Each guy (or the winner only) gets to give one (1) stroke on your dick hanging down between your legs.
Stand up, put your hands behind your back. Each guy (or the winner only) gets to give one (1) stroke on your dick or fondles your balls for 15 seconds.
Do naked jumping jacks for 30 seconds.
Wear one of the other guy’s jockstrap on your head or face for the next round.
Stand up and stroke your dick for one minute (and don’t cum).
Hug another guy for 2-minutes both naked without getting an erection. If you get an erection you have to either (whichever you’d prefer not to do more):
Stand behind him and put your dick between his legs, under his balls so it sticks out in front; or,
Have the other guy stand behind you and do the same thing.
Suck another dudes pec/tit for 30 seconds.
Lick another dudes pit for 15 seconds.
Lick/suck another dudes tummy for 30 seconds (nothing below the pubes).
Have a digital picture taken of your dick (no face).
Have a digital picture taken of you on all fours (doggy style) (no face).
Have a digital picture taken of you spreading your ass open (no face).
Have a digital picture taken of you standing naked (no face).
Medium penalties:

Stand up naked and play with yourself for three (3) minutes. During the three minutes you have to stroke your dick, show your ass by bending over, finger your hole, play with your pecs/tits, play with your balls and show off. You can not cum.
Get tea-bagged by another dude for 30 seconds. You lay on your back, the other dude straddles your face and lets his balls lay on your face. You do not open your mouth or suck the other dudes balls; they just rest on your face.
Lick, run your tongue over once, another dudes balls giving them one lick
Lick a dudes balls for 5 seconds
Take another dudes balls both into your mouth and hold them for 10 seconds.
Lay on the floor with another dude in a 69 position, dick-to-face. Hug each other, pressing your dicks into the other dudes face for 30 seconds (no sucking, no mouth opening).
Lay on your back naked on the floor. Another dude gets on top of you naked and humps you face-to-face for 1 minute.
Lay face down on the floor. Another dude gets on top of you and humps you, grinding his dick against your ass (but not fucking you) for 1 minute.
Have your balls shaved smooth by another dude.
Have your ass shaved smooth by another dude.
Have all of your pubes removed so you’re bald (balls and above dick).
Either lay back flat your hands behind you, or sit and grab your ankles with your hands and spread your legs open. Get icy-hot (small amount only) put onto your balls. You have to stay in this position for 5 minutes, although you can otherwise move. You can’t touch your balls, move your hands or have the icy-hot removed until 5 minutes is past.
Stronger penalties:

Stand up in front of everyone naked and jack yourself off until you cum.
Stand up in front of everyone naked and jack yourself off until you cum onto a cracker. You have to eat the cracker with your cum on it when you’re done.
Kneel and get jacked off by another guy until you cum.
Kneel and get jacked off by another guy until you cum.  You either cum in his hand or onto a cracker and then have to eat your own cum.
Lay back flat on the floor. Have another dude jack off and cum onto your dick, balls, tummy or chest. You have to let the cum dry there while you stay naked and wear it home.
Lay back flat on the floor. Have all the other dudes jack off and cum onto your body one after another. (Good for the worst loser at the very end.) You have to let the cum dry and wear it home.
Have one or more dude jack off into your hair (head) and wear it home.
Stand up and jack off naked in front of the entire group and cum into a jockstrap. You have to wear the sticky jockstrap home.
Have another guy jack off into your jockstrap and have to wear it home.
Have all the dudes jack off and cum into a single jockstrap and wear it home with all their jizz inside it. (Good for the worst looser at the very end).
Strong Penalties:

Have another guy jack off and cum onto your face and let it dry there. (You can wash it off before you go home).

Suck another dude off.
Suck another dude off and he cum’s in your mouth (you can spit).
All the guys jack off onto one cracker and the worst looser of the night has to eat it.

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Jace and I play by the rule that whoever wins the hand gets to pick the article of clothing. We usually pick a guys pants first leaving him quickly at a disadvantage.We also play that you win the clothes for keeps leaving guys to go home naked.


Hey Dave sounds like a fun game. Might try and catch up with you, Gay ski week.
Looks like you have heaps of snow down there.


It’s funny!
I made a post on my blog!


Hi love your blog and have it linked on my site.
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If thats how you play, I want to lose every game!

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