7:30pm here – Tom is definitely on the cards

Dinner is being served now and I’ve ducked in to write a quick post (man how I love you guys!!!!).

It is a full house and lots of awesome people – Tom is engaged but his ‘other half’ isn’t here tonight and he is being father flurtatious which Nikki noticed and has mentioned to me (remember that I have fucked Nikki’s husband 12 months ago – read the ‘bisexual experiences’ link down the left hand side.  Sorry I don’t have time to find the link now but I’ll post it tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have tonnes of time to post ove the next couple of days while I’m in airports from here to Canada.  Wish me luck with Tom guys.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Mate, exciting stuff. Hope that the fact that there are no updates mean that you are using your last few hours in NZ to bang our Tom. We’re all loving Tom mate, how cool for you. Keep us posted, and don’t forget to tell us about all of the horny details when you and Will get back together! 😉

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