$800 Speedo

This was a topic that was brought up the other day on TheSpeedoForum.com which I wasn’t aware of.

These speedos (worn by the British Diving team at the London Olympics) recently sold on eBay for 510 pounds – about USD$800.  Holy moly!!!!

Would you ever pay that much for a speedo?  Too rich for my taste.  I think I should go and get a bunch of these made up and then I could quit my day job.

British Diving Speedo

Here are some pics of Tom Daley (British Diver) who made these speedo famous, expensive and famously expensive.

Tom Daley SpeedoDual Speedo DiversTom Daley Speedo Diver

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Ryan said,  

I love Speedos: wore them when I was swimming in college (still do), collect them, etc.

But NO WAY would I pay $800.00 for a pair unless I knew they were coming *directly* off the body of a current top-name swimmer – Tony Ervin, Ryan Lochte, Eric Shanteau or Peter Vanderkaay come to mind – or a former champion like Louganis, Lenzi (R.I.P.) or Biondi.

A guy’s gotta have his standards, after all.

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