Adam’s Yellow Speedos

If you read the comments on the blog you will see that Adam (from Wellington, New Zealand) loves his speedos.

I’ve never owned a pair of yellow speedos myself but Adam testifies that they are hot and this is a pic I found of yellow speedos which I do have to agree is pretty darn hot.

Being the second half of summer I’d imagine your speedo tan line would be pretty awesome Adam – I’m sure if there are enough comments on this post Adam might feel obliged to send in a foto (I would give him free membership to ‘my site‘ as well).

Yellow speedos.

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12 Comments on "Adam’s Yellow Speedos"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Come on Adam. We’ll show our tanlines if you show yours. Let’s see those yellow Speedos. Jeff@Indiana


Wow Dave,
Just read the Will story again. That is so hot. Do you think you will get into his pants again?
I love the pics of the 2 guys kissing in the water. Give me a stocky muscled guy in a pool anyday.


Dave-If Adam does I bet alot of us would show our tanlines.Jeff@Indiana


c’mon adam. we wanna see your speedo. please

ten and cut

i too like the yellow peedos, very sexy and right out there!

a bit more covering than white but still less than blue, black or red.

would love to see the tan line m8



Adam- If you show yours I’ll show mine. Maybe Dave would too. Dave have you got any tanline left? Does Will? Enquiring minds want to know. Jeff@Indiana


I’m always up for it!Let’s hear from the rest of you guys. Drop your Speedos to your ankles and show us those tanlines. We won’t show ours unless we see the white of your bottoms.Jeff@Indiana


Hi Dave,

Well well those yellow speedos are just about how i fill my out.
I wounld think i have the best speedo tan outon the blog.
you are right dave i do love speedos.
So i will have to send a pic for you guys dont get to excited hehehe.
Great site dave
ps yes its off to the beach. And thanks for the member ship offer i really apperaicate dave.Like i siad your site is awesome.
Adam sexy yellow speedos


Adam-I’ll put my Speedo tanline up against anyone’s. What do you say we have a competion and Dave can be the judge.Winner gets the other guy’s Speedo. We can open it up to everyone who reads the blog. Just send Dave a foto of your tanline. Are you willing to be the judge Dave? Jeff@Indiana


He gets around doesn’t he? Also on

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