Alex’s Tan Lines

Turned out that Alex did come for a swim today which was great – and I must say that after a huge weekend of partying, I finally feel great.

One thing I noticed today was how good Alex’s speedo tan is looking.  No more of those pastey white thighs and back of legs.  I think my speedo tan is the best it has been since I was a kid and it is probably just the time we’ve been spending in the pool because I haven’t gotten out for much time of just lying on the beach reading a book.

I think it is really hot.

I think it has only ever happened to me once when I picked up a random guy and he had a perfect speedo tan.  He wasn’t wearing speedos but just knowing that he was a speedo fan was a plus.

Take this guy for example…..

Amateur Speedo Tan

I don’t think my speedo tan will disappear this summer because we have so many beautiful days here on the coast and I’m going to keep up my swimming all winter.  Kip arrives next week though and he’ll definitely need some work on his speedo tan.

Some more speedo tan eye candy for you guys.  You know who had a great speedo tan?  The Hawaii Speedo Student – click here to see some of his great pics.

No Speedo TanSpeedo TanningTanned Butt

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5 Comments on "Alex’s Tan Lines"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Think we need to see some pics of YOUR speedo tan, Dave!


It’s ok to test my lips on second and third ass…lol


A nice tan in a speedo is one of the sexiest sights ever and these a all great pics Dave. I have another shot of the guy in the 2nd pic (white speedos) where he is leaning against a door and he looks good enough to eat. I just love tan lines!


OK K1 speedo…waiting for pictures of boy in white speeedo…


Great set of pics Dave, especially like the 3 guys lying down showing off their great arses. The guy in the white speedos is awesome.

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