Amazing dinner party!!!

What an amazing day!!!!

Guys today was huge. I started off this morning waking up with Will entering my room. My techie left at like 6am and I slept though that – to be honest I got up and went to the bathroom around 7am and it was then that I got into my brand new black speedos (click here to see a foto) and I fell back to sleep.

Will woke me up when whe arrived at just after 10am. I got out of bed sporting my morning boner (wearing nothing but my black speedos) – Will told me that it was exactly the welcome he was waiting for.

As you can imagine things turned rather sexual and although I kept my black speedos on – my cock didn’t necessarily stay inside them – you want to read more then check out ‘my site‘.

After some action with Will I headed out boarding – we had 4cms last night – and it was nice. All my another buddies were working today so I was riding on my own. I ended up catching a chairlift with the 3 guys and started talking (as I do). These 3 guys were having their first run at the resort and 2 of them owned a condo at Whistler and they sounded like they were good skiiers (althought I don’t like skiiers that much – hehehe just joking).

These guys sounded pretty kewl and they were asking where to go to find some powder (it was nearly midday by now) so since I had nobody to ride with I said I’d show them around. For the next 4hrs I showed them some of the local spots on the mountain and it is always better skiing with other people.

At the end of the day I took them to a bar for a few drinks (which is right next door to my condo) and we shot some pool. As things were breaking up these guys asked me if I would come around for dinner as I had guided them around the mountain all day. Hell yeah I said!!! They were staying at one of the flashier hotels in town (nothing like the Fairmont or anything but flash for us). They said that they were cooking up a roast chicken with all the trimmings – sounds just like home. 7pm was the time I was to be there and I wasn’t to bring anything.

I rocked up at 7:15pm with a bottle of Rye (Canadian Scotch). These guys had everything cooking and I sat down in the lounge – really nice place and if anyone wants to come over then I can definitely recommend this place. The fireplace was going and I drank Rye and coke while these guys drank red wine.

Then Stephen, sitting next to me, said that there was something that he thought I should know…..

“Dave, I don’t mean to sound awkward (did I spell that right?), but we are all gay.”

I had kinda guessed it a little bit but these guys were just like my Dad on a ski trip with 2 of his buddies. Just kewl guys and being a bit older they had some awesome stories and could hold a conversation without me having to say a word.

“Stephen – mate it is OK. I’m a gay guy myself.” I replied.

You should have seen the relief go out of this guys forehead!!! He looked so much more relaxed. I spend the next 5 minutes explaining that I was gay but didn’t mind having sex with girls to fit in and that I had never really met any other gay people who I could have a decent conversation with, without them turning queen on me.

The night was fantastic, good conversation, great food and more liquor than I could drink.

These guys are here until the end of the week and I’m taking them out for a tour tomorrow morning at 9am so being 11:30pm here I better get to bed. Nothing hanky-panky, just great guys and bloody fast skiiers. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more about them over the next couple of days.

I’m off to bed – need sleep.

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Big Jay

Will you be finishing your Will returning home story on here, like you do the other stories?


Hi Dave,

It sounds agreat day for you..Keep your excellent work upmm.

ps just going for a run with the dog


I would like to hear about Will cumming home!


I agree with Big Jay,
Are you going to finish your will story.
Have you guys been kissing much?
Did he bring footy shorts with him?


like everyone else, would love to hear what happened when will got home…


wish i knew some guys like the ones you met on the lift. they seem cool.

and yea, i’m anxious for the rest of your will cumming home story.

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