American Anti-Speedo’ism

I really don’t get it guys.  Today I went for a swim around lunch time and as usual I was the only guy wearing a speedo.  There was a lot of lap swimmers, enough that I had to share a lane which I haven’t had to do for a while.

However, in the change room guys are walking around naked.

I don’t understand it, no speedos but walking around the change room naked.  In Australia it seems the opposite where it would be odd not to wear speedos while swimming laps but it would be weird to see that much nudity in a change room.

If anyone is at the pool tomorrow morning, I’ll be the only guy wearing a speedo.  I’ll wear an AussieBum speedo so feel free to say g’day.

Also, I’m still playing with some design ideas but thought I’d go back to this old layout.  What do you guys think?  I can’t post as many pics per post but it is easier scrolling.

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