Anyone else suffered constant erection from those arena speedos?

Scroll down 2 posts and you’ll see 2 swimmers and one of them is wearing a pair of Arena speedos.

I’m not sure if it is just the perfect butt that fill them but every time I look at that picture I get raging hard.  I think I’ve masturbated 4 times in the last 2 days while enjoying those pics.

Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of these?

Arena Speedos

7 Users Responded in " Anyone else suffered constant erection from those arena speedos? "

Rod said,  

i love speedos too, try to visit and visit this page

Rod said,  

Talk about the perfect ass. He certainly fills out those speedos well. Yes, boner here!

CanberraSpeedo said,  

I just bought some Arena speedos from this eBay store:

I’m sure I saw him selling the same style from that pic.

bimkins said,  

I wouldn’t say I ‘suffered’ from the erection. 🙂

Rick LeMasters said,  

love to trade links with you man!

Peter said,  

Speedos are Speedos – these are NOT Speedos, they are a poor copy. Speedos were an Aussie swimsuit first produced in 1928. Please don’t call imitations Speedos!

Scott W said,  

I hear ya. I got a pair of the ribbed white ones with logo stripes, Japanese size O (XL, about a 32 in the US) off eBay. There are Singapore ones, French ones, American ones… the brand is licensed all over, but it’s the Japanese ones that are just amazing, in my opinion. You just have to watch for ’em. Good luck, and cheers!


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