Anyone know more about these speedo pics?

Nothing much has been happening here over the last few days except a bunch of work.

Seems like you guys like the new header that I have – I found another pic of the guy and I was wondering if anyone know anything more about these pics.

  • Who is the guy in the Aqux speedo?
  • Where was the photos taken?
  • Who took the photos?

If anyone knows please shoot me an email.

Hottest Speedo Pics
Speedo Shower

11 Users Responded in " Anyone know more about these speedo pics? "

Havetohaveone said,  

Dave this is only a guess, but I think that is a canadian coast guard boat,in the back ground, Possibly Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada

finbar said,  

I think it was taken in the peers off the Meatpacking district in New York, round about 14th Street on the west side.

Steve R said,  

Dunno who he is, but that body is fantastic. You’d never tire of worshipping it, would you?

Peter said,  

yes, I took the pix of nice guy named Hudson. If you look at my site you can see the rest of the pix I took of him and a link to his site. He is a great guy and looks mighty fine in a pair of speedos. My site is And I took the pix on christopher st pier in nyc.

beerdoc_colorado said,  

i am glad he likes to be photographed. he looks great in everyone of the suits!

Nipper said,  

They were taken at the Hudson River Park (Christopher Street Pier) in Manhattan.

There is a Gay Mens Boot Camp on the pier.

Nipper said,  

You can see the showers better if you rotate the map so South is at the top.

Dr. Phil said,  

Thank you, Peter, for taking these pictures and providing so many hours of enjoyment for us; and to Hungspeedoguy for all the links!

It’s good to see Hudson is as nice from the front as he is from the 3/4 back! 😉

Handy said,  

This guy should never be allowed to wear anything other than a speedo EVER.

peter said,  

Hope to do another photo shoot when warm weather returns
He looks good in Aqux and Marcuse swimwear
and suggestions??

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