Aqux Speedo

Two posts ago (scroll down) I posted one of the hottest speedo pics I’ve ever seen.  And as you can imagine, I’ve seen my fair share of speedo pics – hehehehe.

I had no idea what type of speedo it was but one of you guys figured it out and it is an Aqux brand –

I’ve never had an Aqux speedo and from what I’m told, I’d have to get a pretty big size being a Japanese speedo that is tiny.

Unfortunately, these speedos are out of stock but I’ll keep an eye on them to see if they become available.

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Dr. Phil

Awesome! I’m so glad you found that out…That post from the other day is the hottest picture I’ve seen on here in a while (though there are many that are quite nice meanwhile!), and I’ve actually had it open on my computer at all times ever since you posted it.

Unfortunately, my arse will never fit in one of these–not because I’m overweight or anything, but because I have a rather large and full arse that sometimes can’t fit into many sexy pairs of speedos or underwear easily, alas. But, I’d love to have someone else wear one, like the guy from a few days ago…!?! 😉


I would never be able to wear a pair of these. It would only cover half my ass and my cock would be bulging out of the top. Be alright on a very quiet beach in the right company.


Here’s a tip – look for Aqux speedos on ebay. They are super pricey if you buy direct from the Aqux site, but I’ve purchased two on ebay for about $15 each – direct from the manufacturer in China, I believe.

I’m pretty slim (6’0″, 165, 31″ waist), and find that a size large is perfect. I could never wear them out, but they’re super fun for play with a gym buddy of mine. But that would be a completely different story 🙂

I have these two pairs:

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