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Finally I am getting over the cold that I’ve had for the last couple of days. I was sick enuf that I didn’t go out on Wednesday night (when I was originally planning on hooking up this Will/Julie/Dave threesome). Since Tuesday I haven’t done anything with Will either and with my techie arriving on Sunday I think Will is going to crash at someone elses place for a few nights.

I just got in from a huge day of riding and don’t really feel in the mood to write anything too deep and meaningful so I’m going to make today Q&A day. Ask me anything (comments link) and I’ll answer it.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

ten and cut

hey Dave,

Is your techie hot, do you know if he is gay/ bi- will you try to bed him?

btw-hope your feeling better



Mind if I ask how big your cock is? 😀


Dave, I think rather than checking comments for questions you should be getting an early night and avoiding citrus. Then again, time zone’s confuse me and it’s probably mid morning for you, in which case you should be eating chicken soup and getting all the rest you can.

How come Will is sleeping elsewhere?

Big Jay

Hey are you going to let us know about the foto contest?


Just wanted to say, that recently i have started reading your blog and i love it. It is funny and sound like you have an interesting life. I actually got turned on with what i was reading witch really didnt surprise me much, for some reason boy on boy action is hot to me. Hope that doesnt sound wierd or anything. Well whatever, hope you keep the blog going.


Dave-Have you ever had an underwater bj and if yes tell us about it. Are you a boxer or briefs guy when you aren’t in Speedos? Hope you feel better. Jeff@Indiana


Hey Dave, can anyone enter the speedo tanline competition – I been working hard on my over summer and think I may have a chance!


Hey dave. Have you ever heard anything back from Stuart? I think hes the hottest guy you have one your site.


I do hope you better soon.The best solution for yur cold mate
is lots of lemons slice them into a cup one teaspoon of sugar and also honey then pour hot water in and mix it around. Also get rest mate.
Also dave many many thanks for all those offers of free membership to your site and the speedos.I WAS REALLY OVERWHELM by all of it.
Dave you know what i think of you as a person,and your site my comments in the past and in the future will always have the highest regard for you.
I am shortly off for a swim before work.Yesterday was a great day in wellington.I was in the water for most of the day,and lying on the beach.I swim at oriental bay.
All the best dave
have fun with will
Adam speedo s oh yeah
ps i f there is anything i can do for you in the future just let me know mate.


How old is Stu? and is he gay, bi, or straight? I think he is probably the sexiest speedo wearing guy I’ve ever seen.


hey i was wondering what does it feel like inside a man is it great. I was wondering what is the best way to masturbate.

Plz reply


I’ve been wondering for a long time, if you’d ever want to swap (trade) worn speedo (type) suits with another hot guy. What size do you wear, do you have a favorite color or design?

Been trying to send you a personal email for months, your mailbox was always full, but that’s no suprise. 🙂

Thanks in advance for the reply.
JR (


Fucking hot stuff there….hot boys with big cocks that I’d suck anytime.

Check out