Aussie Speedos

Summer is heating up in Australia just as things are getting colder here in the Northern Hemisphere.  I awoke this morning to an empty bed, I did go to bed with someone, I think her name starts with C but that is about all I can remember.  Looking out my window, there was a dusting of white stuff on the ground, the first since I arrived here nearly a month ago now.

However, today in Queensland, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that it was 39C in Brisbane/Gold Coast today – holy smokes that is hot, perfect speedo weather, nearly compulsory speedo weather.

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Sometime over the weekend I was looking for some Australian speedos – the best ones I found were a waterpolo speedo made by Turbo (pictured below).  I thought I might buy a couple of them for Kip and myself since I’ll be spending Australia Day here in America.  It is a Saturday this year which is perfect and I’m sure we’ll have some kind of compulsory speedo event at Kip’s place/hottub.

Anyone got any better ideas for an Aussie speedo?

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Seriously, it’s been 70 – 80 degrees in Dallas the past week—about 20 degrees above normal. No need to head back “Down Under”.

I love Speedos, but especially those made in Australia. I think they fit better than the US make. Specifically, i think they notch down a bit in the front to make a sexier fit.

I was thinking today that I need to set up a challenge to everyone, on who has the largest collection. I’m about to set out on my pool deck a collection of, well I think it’s numbers over a hundred.

Any challengers? Or any swap buddies? Or, Dave, care to come to Dallas to sample?


Guest They now have red!


Hey Dave,

you hear about the swimwear charity run down at Martin Place in the Sydney CBD today, would be great if you could upload a few shots if you get a hold of any!



Do you have a link to the aussie speedo? I would kill for a pair

Check out