AussieBum Speedo Order

Well now that I’m all setup with my place here in Queenstown I’ve placed my AussieBum order.

I’ve picked up a pair of Loose Portsea’s (you guys know the long history I have with them),  a pair of Club Palm Beach (they are the first ever pair of AussieBum’s I ordered way back) and a pair of their new WonderJock Black Speedos – I’m not sure about these so I’ll let you know how I go.

Here are some pics from the site – perhaps I’ll post some pics of me wearing them for you when they arrive….

Aussie Bum Speedos



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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hey dude.
ive been reading your blog on and off for a while.
well, im half way across the globe- in singapore.
but im about to spend a year in vancouver, canada come aug.

considering u been to bc,
u mind sharing places thats awesome to pop by while im there?

oh btw, im 22 currently in college doing a double major.
but more importantly, i love swimming, and love speedos even more:)


i’d like to see what under the speedo’s they are packing a good bulge


Hi Dave,

Good to hear you have got great accomodation. Wish I was
as lucky as you. Looking forward to those pics of you in
your new AUSSIEBUMS. I’m particularly interested in the
WONDERJOCK. Do tell how they test drive as I’m thinking
of getting a pair.
Things haven’t been the best for me at the moment
as pain levels have got to the state where I may have
to resign from my job. If so I will be paid out and wouldn’t
mind a trip to NEW ZEALAND to ease the depression.
Be great to meet you for a coffee or more!
Keep up the good work on this site. Hey are you
going to complete the “letter game” or start over?
Maybe I can submit new ideas for that hot tub you
mentioned. I tried out my first hot tub this year and
have one every week now. There’s nothing like laying
back in your speedos , letting the jets flow over you!


Hello Dave,

I absolutely adore your site. It’s got hot pics and good reading. I’ve been up and down it already.

Those speedo-guys are crazy hot in your recent pics. Can’t wait to see them on you.


Great site man, thumbs-up!
Thanks for pics 🙂


Hey man, love your site and absolutly adore the pics :-))
Keep it up!


can’t help but have a hard on with pic’s like this

Check out