Australia here I cum

I think I have my travels plans starting to take shape.  I’m definitely missing the beach and a busy as all hell weekend here in Colorado with not a whole lot of snowboarding going on and hearing about my mates back in Aussie enjoying the beach has me primed.

I’ll head back to the Central NSW Coast of course but I don’t really want to be there during the summer holidays and I’m sure that would make it tough to find a place to rent that is semi affordable as well.  So my plan is to leave here the first week of February.  I’ll probably spend a week in San Francisco catching up with some mates there and then get back in time for some speedo weather.

Kip is keen to come ‘down under’ for the first time and will head down a little later in the year for a few months.

I’m excited, I’ve been looking at for a few hours this morning.  Over the last few years I’ve stayed at Terrigal and Avoca but I might even extend my search a little further north since some of those beaches up towards Birdie are gorgeous and a little quieter.  Once I finish this post I’ll start looking at flights.

Below is a view of Sydney I’ve never had but the last time I was in Sydney I had half a day to kill before my flight and just spent it walking around playing tourist.

Sydney Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Some day I wouldn’t mind seeing that “view” of Sidney too!

I hope you will be keeping your blog active while away on vacation, does a blogger ever go on vacation??? I am sure you will be missed in Colorado!

Sam Speedo

Ahhh . . . all those pics of Sydney are always gorgeous! Heading there myself, this morning, for a week of summer fun, sun and sex! Should be awesome (as usual!) I have the speedos packed, of course . . .


His name is Bruno and he works as a hair dresser in Darlinghurst, very nice guy and his boyfriend is a DNA Cover Model named Stefan how looks rather scrumptious in a speedo


Enjoy the warm and sunny weather in speedo friendly Austrailia.


Let me know when you get to Sydney ! Cut. Thick. Eight. Speedo strainer.

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