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Pool Encounter

May 26th, 2017
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Today was gorgeous and I headed to the pool around 11am. That time of day it is nice and quiet, I had a lane to myself and wore my favourite AussieBum speedos, the Portsea’s. This first photo is a 2nd pair of AussieBum Portseas of mine with the AussieBum logo on the front. I had […]


Thong Thursday

May 24th, 2017
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I saw this on the Twitter the other day, guys posting a Thong Thursday and I thought it would be a great idea. The pic below is my favourite thong photo of all time. Since I love wearing speedos in the pool and at the beach, I’m not really much of a thong guy for […]


Very Visible Penis Line (VVPL)

May 22nd, 2017
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Today was a glorious day here on the Australian Central Coast.  I was up early banging out some work and by 9am I thought I deserved a little bit of time in my speedo in the great out doors. So I packed up and headed north to Birdie Beach.  Before leaving, I checked Grindr but it […]


Wank Bank

May 20th, 2017
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There are just some speedo photos that take my breath away…. This is one that I found last week and I think it is super hot!!!  I think it could be because I own both of those speedos…. I wrote this blog post last night and I was thinking what other speedo photos have really […]


AussieBum Porno

May 13th, 2017
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I’m guessing that you guys like watching gay porn featuring guys with speedos in them? Right now I’m working on a new movie and here are some sample screen shots for you guys.  I’ll publish it later this week and if you guys promise to be good, I’ll share a little bit of it with […]


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