Back in New Zealand (for a couple of weeks anyway)

I’m back in Queenstown and the weather has been pretty nice here.

There was some snow just before I flew in but yesterday was a cracker and today is nice and warm with some high cloud.  I’m off to a BBQ – it is perfect BBQ weather – and there is a hot tub so I’ll wearing my speedos under my shorts just incase things turn hottub later this evening after a few drinks.

While I was away in Aussie I felt like I lost stacks of weight – being in the ocean lots, being sick and not sitting around much at all.  I lost 4kgs in 2 weeks.  I’m sure I’ll put most of it back on but I feel fantastic.

Last night I was trying on some old clothes and there are some tight speedos of mine which now feel quite comfortable.

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Well i do hope you feel better,i hope the Doctors got to the bottom
of your problems.You shounld stay in New Zealand for the summer.
Dave you just have not been your usually self.So i do hope things
turn out well for you,get plenty of rest.You are a super guy,so take
care of yourself.

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