Back to Swimming Routine

It is strange having the house back to myself but it will be good to get back into some routines.

Kip’s last night turned out amazingly hot.  I’ll sit down and write about it over the next couple of days because I think you guys are going to want to hear about it.  It was supposed to be a ‘poker’ night and there was lots of ‘poking’.

I’m off to the pool, with the warmer weather there is a few more people at the pool but I haven’t seen this guy yet – hehehe.  He is a cutie isn’t he.

Speedo SwimmerCute Swimmer wearing SpeedoCute Speedo SwimmerNice Speedo SwimmerSpeedo Swim

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Sure would love to bump in to him in the pool or better still in shower afterwards. Great body, nice smile, a good bulge and looks great in that speedo too.


Mmmm . . . I think that hot guy would totally distract my lap swimming . . . particularly if he was in the same lane! I’d be wanting to arrange a play after the swim!


U.S. Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian…yummy!

Dave Evans

Thanks a bunch DGDJR – I was wondering what was the meaning for the shoot.

If it was just an amateur guy then my thoughts were turning naughty but makes sense if he is a professional swimmer.


Dr. Phil

Nathan Adrian is a Washington state guy…so, a local to me! I always thought he was a lot cuter than Phelps or Lochte, but not as cute as Tom Daly, because no one is. 😉

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