Being the meat in the sandwich

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I followed Antony, with Trev behind me, towards the bathrooms.

Now gay clubs isn’t a place that I have spent a lot of time at but I’ve been to enuf to know that the bathroom in a club like this has LOTS of sex going on. This however, was going to my first time being in the middle of the action.

I didn’t even really know where I was going but Antony lead the way. The three of us walked into a cubicle, Antony put the toilet seat down and turned around facing me. I though it was time for more than just kissing so I started undoing Antony’s jeans and I told Trev (who was still behind me) to do the same to me. As I lowered Antony’s jeans I pushed him back (there wasn’t much room in the cubicle). With his jeans down I savored the view of Antony’s black school speedos. His uncut cock was straining the lycra and the waist band was being pushed out by the pressure of his hard cock.

Just as I was about to attack Antony’s cock with my mouth Trev finally got my jeans down. I was wearing my AussieBum Portseas and as they have no elastic in the waist I undid the drawstring and Trev pulled them down as well.

As I took Antony’s cock in my mouth I could tell that Trev was preparing to enter my arse. You can’t believe how horny I was and how MUCH I wanted to feel that cock in my arse.

Trev had come prepared with rubbers and lube and very gently started poking my butt hole with the head of his cock. It was only at this point that I realized all the moaning that was going on in this bathroom. I know my head was down but I could swear that the cubicles on both sides of ours were emitting moans of pleasure that Antony was now making himself.

And then I lost my breath as Trev slid his cock ALL (and I do mean ALL) of the way into me. Despite Trev being very much in the closet he had done this before and held for maybe 30 seconds to let me get used to it. The mixture of pain and pleasure was amazing.

After 30 seconds Trev thought that I was right and began pounding away. I had trouble giving Antony’s cock the attention it deserved.

It was only 2 minutes of arse numbing pounding before Trev let out a much louder moan than anyone else in the entire bathroom as he thrust as deep as he could as he climaxed. Trev collapsed on my now sweaty back.

Antony pulled my head off his cock and told me that it was his turn. So I turned around and offered my arse to him…

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