Black speedos

The weather has been absolutely perfect here in Queenstown for the last week.  There was some snow on Thursday a week ago but since then it has been clear skies and no wind at all.  I haven’t been snowboarding as much as I would like but being skool holidays I don’t think I’m missing that much…..  Next week will be a different picture all together.

I went out on the town on Tuesday night for a session with 2 mates and I was pretty drunk and I was good fun.  The only problem here is that I can’t find any gay guys.  I was wearing a new jacket that I bought last week and I was looking pretty smick if I say so myself.  There were some chicks from Auckland the boys got talking to but I wasn’t in the mood to bother with the hassles of taking one of them home.  Funny thing is that although it was a late night I woke up feeling great the next day which is always a good thing.

I haven’t spoken to Jazza and Ryan since their little show but I’m going to call them tomorrow night (Friday) and see if they are going out on the town.  A friend of a friend that I know here is heading out and he is a major party guy so there will be some fun to be had I’m sure – fingers crossed.

On that note I have 2 surprises for you guys today….  First off is 2 black speedo photos.  I’m thinking of buying a new pair of black speedos and I’m looking around so I thought I’d post these old pics for you guys.

AND – below this post is one of the first experiences I ever wrote about…..  I’m sure you’ll enjoy both and if anyone has any recommendations on what black speedo I should buy then please leave a comment (I love comments and they are anonymous).

Black speedos.
Black speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


i would like to part thoes arse cheeks


Hi Dave have in stock underwear and swimwear if you want to check them out.
Also if you want to see a hot ass in undies go to and he has some sites listed that you can check out for black speedos. have these sexy black 2n2 brand swimwear called Slasher.. probaly a bit too daring for you.

Whatever brand you buy , I am sure you will be sexy.

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