Black speedos

For the last 5 days it has been dumping snow here in the Colorado Rockies.  The snow is fantastic and riding with Kip has been wicked.  The weekend was busy and we didn’t get to have our usual hot tub speedo fun but its Monday now and we are back in our ‘routine’.

Since I’m wearing black speedos now I thought I’d post some photos of guys wearing black speedos.

I hope everyone had a good weekend – I’ve got an exciting and busy week ahead but I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Speedo Guys
Gay Guys wearing speedos
Black Speedos

2 Users Responded in " Black speedos "

Scott said,  

Who’s the guy in the second picture!? Looks like Adam Levigne from Marroon 5.

Dave Evans said,  


I’m not sure who that guy is and I’m not sure what Adam Levigne is either.

But I do know that he is hot!!!!


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