Blue speedos today.

Todays colour is blue – and here is one guy with a massive erection and obviously this peice of meat can’t fit inside his blue speedos.

Blue speedos - erection photo.

And this is one of my favourite photos of all time – two very cute guys kissing in speedos.

Gay guys kissing in speedos.

4 Users Responded in " Blue speedos today. "

Speedo Steve said,  

Dave, Nice pics of the blue speedo and the guys kissing! I put my blue speedo on today also and plan on getting some kissing and some sucking in today also. Sunny and nice here, so off to the beach in blue. I love wet bulging speedos! Steve

Ethan said,  

I love blue speedos too!! 🙂

Mrs. Vicky Snyder, said,  

sure got my juices flowing–very very wet, thet are cute–wish i was there in person to kiss and suck them

Anonymous said,  

i love mens bums

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