Boats + Speedos = Perfection

What did you guys get up to this weekend?  Mine was pretty quiet except for Friday night when Kip and I both drank a margarita or two, too many.  I worked on a bunch of new sample movies which I’ll roll out this week and I’ll make sure you guys get to see them.

I’ve booked my flights back home and I land that first weekend in February.  I’m 90% through the lease of the old house that I leased a few years ago and I can move in on February 3rd which is perfect.  Things are starting to take shape.  I have an old car sitting at a friends place which I’ll get sorted and I think I’m going to keep my Durango here at Kip’s place because I’m sure I’ll be back.

I’m not sure how I started this post but I saw some super hot photos of some guys on boats and I needed an excuse to post them.  Unfortunately, a boat or yacht of any kind is outside my financial realm but just imagine what kind of trouble I would get up to with a boat?!?!?!?!

Does anyone know where do get these speedos?

Fun SpeedosFun Speedos on a Boat

And here is some more random speedo boat fun.

Muscle Man in Blue SpeedosBoating in SpeedosBoat SpeedoBoat Speedo BoyBoat Speedos

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3 Comments on "Boats + Speedos = Perfection"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


can I have the guy in the 3rd picture.

Sam Speedo

Yeah ! ! ! ! !

As well as looking awesome . . . look at his fantastic speedo bulge!

I’d love to go on an expedition into that package!


The Halloween skulls pattern is by Turbo. Great suit.

Check out